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Contact your current and potential customers quickly and easily.

Service Desk Solution (SDS) is a comprehensive business solution that provides investment-free professional call center support to companies and institutions dealing with all kinds of telephone activities. It’s the perfect solution for outsourced call centres, customer care centres, financial institutions, telemarketing companies, debt collectors and market research firms.



per seat/month

Innovative service to professional call and contact centres


  •   Outbound and Inbound Calls
  •   Campaign management
  •   Reports and Statistics
  •   Voice Recording
  •   Telecommunications Services
  •   E-mail Support
  •   Predictive Dialer
  •   Internal Chat
  •   Questionnaires, Script Editors
  •   Automated E-mails
  •   User Right Management
  •   Web Integration
  •   Quality Control
  •   Intelligent IVR
  •   Expanded Data Handling
  •   Unique Statistics
  •   Wallboard
  •   International Phone Numbers
  •   Personal Consultant
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Management functions

Project and database management: Effective project configuration and profit-and-loss statement option with optimal workforce distribution. Customizable database for each project. Option for MS Excel type of import and export.

User management: Different user rights, with easy creation and modification options.

Script management: Comprehensively structured forms, simple and effective questionnaires.

Quality control management: Individual rating system for every operator call, allowing for continual service improvement.

Fields of application

Managing outbound calls: Intelligent predictive dialer allows users to reach customers quickly and effectively. Large numbers of calls, automated email, SMS and more can be handled efficiently.

Managing inbound calls: Run a high-quality customer service with the help of our IVR, virtual queue, ACD and SBR features. All calls immediately routed to the most appropriate operator.

Managing inbound and outbound calls: VCC Live’s call distribution system, based on the relevant SLA, handles outbound and inbound call distribution in the most efficient way.

Contact Centre functions

Voice: High-quality digital VoIP lines ensure high customer satisfaction throughout business calls.

Email: Automated email based on the outcome of a call. COMING SOON, receive incoming emails!

SMS: Customised text message at the end of each call. Relevant customer data can automatically be included.

Conversation management

Voice recording: Conversations between operators and customers are recorded on separate voice tracks. Each voice track can be given an individual name, and can contain any call-related data.

Real time listening: Real-time call supervising, monitoring and joining in

Voice file storage and download: Based on the file size, recorded conversations can be stored indefinitely, and can be downloaded at any time.