Firewall Services and Management

Firewall Services

When considering any kind of connectivity, security must be of paramount importance. Whether one has a single site connection, or multi-site VPN, your internal network should be fully protected from external attacks.

Over 80% of Internet users fear being targeted by malicious entities, and all connectivity setups should enjoy a secure, hassle-free experience. The market for firewall solutions is experiencing an increase in scale as users become more proactive in acquiring security solutions for their systems.

We offer both hosted firewall solutions and supply a wide range of physical firewalls from leading brands. These are offered as outright purchase models and leased models, with managed and unmanaged options.

Firewall Management

Firewalls are no exception to the growing trend of outsourced solutions in order to satisfy technology-based requirements. The safekeeping of data and connectivity services has become vital in the protection of personal and business entities from the harms associated with the loss of information and communication control.

Pentagon’s range of Firewall Management solutions are a powerful and highly effective means of mitigating the risks of unauthorised access to a digital communications network and its associated data. By letting us manage your firewall, you subscribe to a modern managed services paradigm which gives you total peace of mind.

With a package to suit every need, you’ll never again need to worry about your firewall’s performance and wellbeing.